Frequently Asked Questions

We're so happy that you've decided to take a little time to learn about Emmaus Small Groups. Please enjoy the short video above.

If you want to know even more, we've also prepared some answers to our most frequently asked questions below!

What is an Emmaus Small Group?

Emmaus Small Groups (ESG) are small in-home groups that meet weekly or bi-weekly.  These groups offer a unique opportunity to listen and share our thoughts, joys, and struggles from our daily lives.  We discuss scripture based topics that allow participants to grow in relationship with one another and Christ while creating a greater sense of community.

What does an Emmaus Small Group meeting look like?

We meet other people who are seeking to learn more about Jesus and apply their faith to everyday life.  We socialize before our meetings and often enjoy some snacks and beverages together!  When it’s time to begin the session, we open with prayer, watch a short video relating to the readings for Sunday Mass, share our thoughts on what we’re learning, and then close in prayer.

What type of topics are discussed?

All sorts of interesting topics are discussed.  Some examples are: Making Choices - Good vs. Evil, Can Suffering have Purpose, Hearing God's Voice, Mercy and Forgiveness.  Because each session has a different topic, new participants are welcome to join a group at any time.

Is this a Bible study?

No, although we do learn about Scripture and Church teachings through videos, the discussion and questions focus more on the application of the topic and our personal lives.

Is this a prayer group?

Not exactly.  We do pray at each session and encourage prayer for one another outside of the meetings, but we also learn and discuss aspects of faith, scripture, and church teachings.

Is there a cost or homework?

No. You can just show up and participate however you’re comfortable.  Each meeting is a different topic so no worries if you miss a session.

Do I have to be Catholic?

No. Anyone who would like to learn more about Jesus is welcome to join.  No need to be Christian, Catholic, or a parishioner.

Do I have to belong to Our Lady of Sorrows, St. Fabian, or St. Andrew Kim to participate?

No. We welcome members from all area parishes and those who don’t currently belong to a parish.

I am new here and I don’t know anybody. Can I still join a group?

Absolutely! Emmaus Small Groups are probably the best way to meet new friends. Our welcoming groups can’t wait to meet you! 

I’m not very “churchy” or don’t know much about my faith, is that a problem?

Absolutely not!  Emmaus Small Groups are a welcoming way to kindle new friendships, discover new ideas, and grow in your faith.  You don’t need to be a theologian, have attended Catholic school, or have a single Bible verse memorized!

What is a typical group size?

Groups can start with 6 people and grow to 12-14 depending on the space available to meet.

What are the time commitments or what if I have a busy schedule?

Many different meeting days and times are available.  Some groups meet every other week and some groups meet every 3 weeks.  Depending on how often the group meets, each session will be between 1 to 2 hours.  Even if you must miss a meeting occasionally, you will still find personal enrichment from the sessions you do attend.  Some groups may be willing to meet online virtually at times.  With such a variety of group meeting schedules we encourage you to check out the “Our Groups” page to see if one will work for you.

Is this only for couples? What if my spouse doesn’t want to join a group?

That’s okay! Just like the road to Emmaus, everyone is on their own path! Many spouses attend solo.  We have many single people who attend ESG, too!  Everyone enjoys the opportunity to form new and lasting friendships and support.

I belong to another group or Bible study in the parish – does this replace that group?

No. ESG is a separate activity.  Emmaus Small Groups are intended to be a distinct opportunity to learn more about Jesus, apply your faith in everyday situations, and meet other people who are trying to do the same.

Can I attend one meeting before I decide to join a group?

Great question.  We’d love to have you register and join a group but if you’re simply not ready to commit and would like to experience a group for a single session that’s an option too.  Let us know your availability by clicking here and someone will contact you within 2 weeks and let you know how soon you can join a single session.

How do I get involved or register to join?

Read the leader profiles found on our Group Profile page and find a day and time that works best for you.  When you’re ready you can register online by clicking here.  Please be sure to fill out your availability and group preferences when you register and someone will contact you within two weeks after you submit your preferences.

I may be interested in helping lead or host a group. What’s involved?

Great question.  We ask that you attend a two hour training session that will help walk you through what's involved.  There are 3 primary leadership team roles:  Leader, Assistant Leader and Host.  You can choose to fill one of these roles or all three.  Even if you’re not sure you wish to get involved in leadership, the training is useful in helping discern if one of these roles are right for you.  You can let us know if you would like someone to help you lead a group and we will do our best to connect you with others that have expressed interest as well. To lead a meeting, minimal prep is needed since we offer a session outline for each meeting with a prayer, a link to the video, discussion questions and a closing prayer. Click here for a sample outline.  We know people are busy so we do our best to make your job easier.  We have two ESG coordinators that will support you through each step in the process and serve as a guide for fruitful group discussions.  You can let us know your interest in leadership by clicking here.

What is needed to lead or host a group in my home? How tech savvy do I need to be?

A welcoming heart and smile!  It is best to have an inviting, comfortable seating area for at least 6 people to watch a video from a TV.  The simplest technology setup option is to connect a laptop (with the Youtube link) via an HDMI port to a TV.  If you need assistance with this, we offer a technology document that explains setup options and if additional help is needed we can offer in-home training. 

How are groups formed?

There are three ways groups can be formed if you wish to be a leader.  1.  Invite your friends and fill a group yourself.  This is the best option to get started quickly.  2.  Invite your friends and welcome additional people that you may not know through the parish registration.  3.  Let the parish place people in your group.

How do I form my own group?

No worries. We help guide you through the process and offer tips and script templates for emails and phone invitations.  Your next step would be to click here and fill out the form.  A coordinator will contact you within two weeks and help guide you through the process.

I don’t feel comfortable leading a group on my own. Can you connect me with someone to help me lead?

Certainly.  We do our best to connect those interested in leading to be Leaders, Assistant leaders and Hosts that work together to form dynamic groups.  Simply click here to fill out the form and a coordinator will contact you within two weeks.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions or want to learn more?

Please contact Mike Chamberland at or Julie Szymkowski at  We are happy to answer your questions!