Becoming A Small Group Leader

What Is Small Group Leadership?

Each Emmaus Small Group has a leader team that includes three roles:

  • Group Leader: Manages the group schedule, leads group discussions, and interfaces with the parish coordinators.
  • Assistant Group Leader: Supports the group leader and acts as a backup and leader-in-training.
  • Host: Provides a welcoming environment for group members during meetings.

We encourage you to think and pray about whether you'd like to get involved in one of these roles.

Being a Leader Is Easy

  • The Emmaus Small Group Leadership Team is provided an outline for each meeting with an Opening Prayer, Discussion Questions, and a Closing Prayer written for you. Download an example here.
  • Members of each Small Group Leadership Team also receive regular training and enjoy special social and formation events to meet and talk with leadership teams from other Emmaus Small Groups.
  • One-on-One guidance and support is available with the help of an ESG Coordinator.

Interested in Becoming a Leader?

Learn more about what it means to be a small group leader and get more involved!

Learn More About Leadership Roles

Group Leader

A Small Group Leader is an OLS Parishioner that is eager to accompany others on their faith journey. They are in charge of communication within the group and with the Parish ESG Leadership Team. They set the schedule, guide the group through each meeting's content and questions, and are empowered to make modifications as necessary.

Sometimes a Group Leader is also the Host but the Group Leader and Assistant Group Leader are always different people.

Assistant Group Leader

A Small Assistant Group Leader supports the Group Leader in all of their tasks. They function as both a backup, in case the Leader cannot fulfill their responsibilities one week, and a Leader-In-Training so that they feel prepared to take on a Group Leader role in the future should the opportunity present itself.

Sometimes an Assistant Group Leader is also the Host but the Assistant Group Leader and the Group Leader are always different people.


A Small Group Host welcomes their fellow group members into their home with a sense of radical hospitality. Their job is to help everyone feel comfortable and at ease so that they can engage in group discussion. They work closely with the Leader and Assistant Leader to set the meeting schedule and help to remove distractions such as pets during the meeting time.  Hosts should provide some sort of light snack or refreshment or coordinate with someone else to bring it.

The role of Host may rotate among other people in the group if that is desired by the entire group.  The Leader or Assistant Leader can also serve as a Host if they wish.

Interested in Becoming a Leader?

Learn more about what it means to be a small group leader and get more involved!