Leader Documents

On this page, you will find all of the content for your upcoming group sessions. Please check back regularly for new content. Leader Guides are available as individual PDFs for each week or as a combined PDF for the season. You can use the links to videos during meetings or save the links beforehand to open on your own.

Listening Skills and Testimony Worksheet

Guidelines for greater listening skills and developing your personal testimony or witness.

Group Member Commitment & Consistency Worksheet

Suggestions on how to reach out to group members to encourage consistent attendance.

Community service opportunities

Opportunities for entire groups or individuals wishing to serve the community. 

2024 Leadership Team Schedule

Important dates for group leadership team

Weekly Content Calendar

Shows content options for each week -  (shows holiday breaks and Inspire Events)

Group Covenant Card

Please display at each group meeting

Leadership Team Orientation Guide

Training document for Leadership Team

ESG Password Change Instructions

Instructions how to change Leader Login Password for this website.

ESG Content Journey

Image of Yearly Content Options

Prayer Worksheet

Helpful tool for those wishing to commit to daily prayer 

Opening Prayer Meditations

3 relaxing meditation prayers to start a meeting with.

Spontaneous Prayer Guide

Prayer outline on how to do spontaneous prayer.

Ways to Implement Prayer of Praise

Highlights on what Prayer of Praise is and ways to implement it into your group and personal prayer life.

How to ask for feedback template